Annual Artificial Grass Check-Up

One of the reasons you probably chose to install artificial grass is because it does not require the regular weekly or even daily upkeep that a real grass lawn requires. it does not require water, fertilizer/soil, cutting or weeding. However, like most things in your life it does require you to perform a yearly inspection and service in order to keep it looking nice. Whether your artificial grass covers your entire yard or just exists in certain places, you should perform the following in the spring on a yearly basis. 

The first thing you want to do is inspect the lawn for any debris. This could be from trash that happened to blow into your yard on a windy day or leftover fall foliage from the passing of seasons. Pick up any loose debris and throw it away. For those pesky, yet beautiful fall leaves, you can gently use a rake to gather the leaves and pick them up for disposal. 

If you have a dog, you will inevitably have to deal with pet waste. While inspecting your yard for debris, also inspect for any dog waste. Pick up the waste and place it in a bag for disposal. Make sure to clean each spot on your lawn with a hose in order to remove stains and odors. For stuck-on stains, you can gently use a brush to scrub the stains away. Cleaning up after your dog should actually be done on a monthly basis. Additionally, the hose should be used on a monthly basis as well to remove stains and odors before they have the chance to set in. Don’t worry about getting your artificial turf wet on a regular basis because this will not encourage the growth of mold or otherwise affect it. Artificial turf is made to get wet and is also made to drain fast as well. 

Next, you will want to look around the yard for any high traffic areas. You will notice these because the grass won’t be as high in those areas from being stepped upon on a regular basis. To keep the lawn looking fresh and new, you will want to essentially re-fluff your artificial grass in these high traffic areas. In order to do this, you can use a brush to rebuild the lawn to its original state. 

If you pick up after your pet on a monthly basis and do the other tasks on a yearly basis, this regular maintenance will keep your lawn looking fresh and new. It will also keep it looking this way for many many years. When well taken care of through regular recommended maintenance, artificial lawns have been known to last 20 to 25 years before needing to be replaced.

For more help or suggestions, you can always Google “Turf Suppliers Near Me” for local help.

How To Have A Green Lawn In The Desert

Just because you live in a hot and arid climate does not mean you can not have a beautiful lawn. With the installation of turf grass, you can have a yard that even your pets will love. There are many benefits that accompany a synthetic lawn. Temecula artificial turf is a great example, it is very popular because of the desert environment.

For instance, there is no need to water your lawn. This is a great way to conserve water for generations to come. You also will not have to worry about fertilizing or weeding your lawn to keep it looking new. You will no longer spend the whole weekend cutting the grass or trimming the edges with a weed eater. As a matter of fact, you will no longer need any of the tools necessary to keep your lawn looking pristine. Instead, you can spend the money you save on patio furniture or lawn features that boost the appeal of your home.

Without the need to water your grass, you will easily find that bugs and insects are attracted less to your lawn. This is an added bonus, because you will no longer have to place harmful chemicals on your grass to control this problem. If you have a pet, then they are safeguarded much easier in reference to fleas and ticks. This means they will have a fresher bed while you enjoy a cleaner home.

It has been stated that water prices will only continue to rise in the desert. However, with a synthetic lawn this does not affect your wallet. Instead, you can enjoy walking outside and seeing a lush lawn no matter what the temperature is outside.

With so many different options available in regards to synthetic grass you can easily design your lawn the way you choose. If you are a golf enthusiast, then you can easily install a putting green in your own backyard. If you have a child that is involved in sports such as football, soccer, or baseball, then you can provide them an advantage by allowing them to practice on a synthetic lawn. Many schools are opting to switch from natural grass to astroturf on the playing field. It has been said that these lawns are more playable, faster, as well as cost effective. You can obtain a quote based off your square footage at your local turf dealer.

Synthetic lawns provide more than just aesthetics for the outside appeal of your home. If you have been looking for a way to add curb appeal, then consider having a synthetic lawn installed. If you live in the desert and have had problems with your lawn, then now is the time to solve your problems by simply installing a synthetic lawn.

Can Artificial Turf Be Installed over Concrete

If a person has a concrete area outside they can install artificial turf over it. There are some different ways in which this turf can be installed based on the size of the project and some other factors.

Direct Installation
Glue can be used to get the turf to cover the concrete. This can be messy but it will work. An artificial glue adhesive will work best. Be sure to fill in any cracks in the concrete before gluing the turf down so everything will be even. Start at the perimeter of the turf when applying the glue. This will make sure it will stick to the concrete and will not peel off. The job will look flat and smooth.

Installing over Air drains
Air drains can be used to help the area get better drainage. This is important especially if there are pets in the home. Air drains make it possible to install the turf over the concrete when drainage is important. The air drains are installed on the concrete and then the turf is installed over this. The air drains will allow the liquids to go through this material and find their way to the drain so there is no liquid left on the turf. No excavation is required and it is ideal for people that have pets so no mess or odor is left behind.

It is possible to install turf over concrete. If a person is not comfortable installing on their own they can contact a professional to make sure the job comes out looking great.

Hypoallergenic lawns

Do you have an allergy problem every year? Almost everyone does right? Did you know that a lot of your allergies could actually be coming from your yard? You might be a little confused as to how your grass could be the reason you are sneezing but it’s because of the pollen that falls and forms on the surface of your yard. Or in more extreme cases when you have allergies all year round and not just during spring or fall, it’s because you are allergic to a chemical in your grass. How do you know this is the case? Answer this, how much do you sneeze or itch when you go out into the grass? If you answered a lot then you are probably allergic to the pollen in the grass.

But don’t worry, your days of lounging outside in the sunlight while you roll around in the grass aren’t over. There is a way that you can continue your regular lifestyle without all of the sneezing and itching after you spend a day in the grass. The way to do that is to get synthetic grass installed in your yard.

AGL artificial turf is made from hypoallergenic materials so that it is impossible to be allergic to. You can have fun in the grass and not have to worry about getting red eyes and a stuffy nose all year round if you have this grass installed.

And not only will you be less allergic to the outdoor world with artificial turf but you will also not have to worry about yard maintenance as this grass does not grow and does not require you to spray it down with any dangerous chemicals. It is 100% completely safe turf that you and your whole family will get a kick out of. And the best part? No more sneezing.