Can Artificial Turf Be Installed over Concrete

If a person has a concrete area outside they can install artificial turf over it. There are some different ways in which this turf can be installed based on the size of the project and some other factors.

Direct Installation
Glue can be used to get the turf to cover the concrete. This can be messy but it will work. An artificial glue adhesive will work best. Be sure to fill in any cracks in the concrete before gluing the turf down so everything will be even. Start at the perimeter of the turf when applying the glue. This will make sure it will stick to the concrete and will not peel off. The job will look flat and smooth.

Installing over Air drains
Air drains can be used to help the area get better drainage. This is important especially if there are pets in the home. Air drains make it possible to install the turf over the concrete when drainage is important. The air drains are installed on the concrete and then the turf is installed over this. The air drains will allow the liquids to go through this material and find their way to the drain so there is no liquid left on the turf. No excavation is required and it is ideal for people that have pets so no mess or odor is left behind.

It is possible to install turf over concrete. If a person is not comfortable installing on their own they can contact a professional to make sure the job comes out looking great.